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My concerns about the way Christians are treated in RS

December 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Since a bunch of players decided, typically, to derail my thread with attacks on my faith and attempts to draw me away from it, I’ll post its contents here on my blog. Keep in mind, this is entirely unedited from the original thread’s contents.

So everyone is clear, I’m not creating this thread to debate faith, religion, or politics. I’m creating this thread to address some concerns I’ve recently had about the community aspect of this game pertaining to the way many players, and even some moderators, sometimes seem to gang together to effectively keep Christians from even mentioning blessings like “God bless”, yet others are allowed to say offensive things like OMG or GD without warning. If this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it to the appropriate board. But mods, please do not lock it – I feel it’s an important message that Jagex needs to see.


With, what I’ve noticed to be, an increase of Christian RS players in this game, I feel it’s an appropriate time to address some concerns I have regarding the way ‘religious discussions’ are handled in this community.

So I acknowledge I won’t be able to stop people from ridiculing me for my real-life faith. However, I really feel that Christians are kind of treated like sub-humans at times here. I totally understand why faith or religion-based discussions are barred, and I don’t have a problem with that. What I DO have a problem with is how players can get away with offensive statements like “OMG”, G.D., and the like, yet I’ve been warned for merely mentioning God, such as “God bless”, or “God willing”. This has happened both on the forums and in-game.

I’m not trying to push my faith down anyone’s throats. I’m just merely trying to live as a Christian should – loving others and encouraging them, and leading by example, I may be able to win some people for Christ. (This is done in-game, considering the forum code of conduct) That being said, if a person doesn’t accept what I’m saying, I don’t keep pushing the matter.

However, if a person is being offensive to my beliefs, and the mods aren’t going to do anything about it, what else am I going to do? Sit and take it? Why should I have to?

Now, please know I’m not trying to be defiant. What I’m saying is that I’ve seen discussions break out based upon other faiths/religions, politics, or ****** orientation where the mods stop the discussion (which I, again, don’t have a problem with), and they will warn the person who instigated the discussion. But that doesn’t seem to be the case whenever I see someone attacking my faith or being offensive towards it, and I decide to say something about it. I often-times simply ask them to stop, but they tend to say, “Just ignore me if you don’t like it”, or they’ll get WORSE with their attacks.

I know what you’re saying right now: go to the mods about it (on the forums) or report & ignore (in-game). That’s not a problem. But there have been times where I’ve asked the person to stop, AND gone to authority about it, and nothing was done. If they can state their opinions, why shouldn’t I, and everyone else, be allowed to do so as well? If you want to pull a “we hide discussions like this to be fair and to prevent people from getting hurt” stance, that’s fine – but why isn’t it followed through? Statements such as “OMG” and GD can be just as offensive to Christians (especially the ones who are very serious about their faith) as being flat-out told that we’re worthless.

I’ll even admit I have a hard time not stating my views when people post offensive or anti-Christian posts on the forums or comments in-game, so part of my problem is on my end. It’s just that I’m so serious about my faith that I work on integrating it into every aspect of my life – including this game. I see the game itself as an excellent outreach opportunity, as I’ve encountered countless hurting people in it. But it’s hard to stay focused when statements like OMG and GD are allowed (despite the censor picking up GD, if people evade the censor on that term, they don’t seem to be warned about it), which offend me and many Christians.

So all of that being said, this thread is not about me calling for users to be banned, for mods to get in trouble, or for Jagex to necessarily change all of their rules up. What I’m asking for is less ridicule towards Christians. I mean, you never hear people saying, “Oh my Allah”, or “Oh my Buddha”, or “Oh my Evolution”, and I’m sure that if they did, it could offend the faiths and beliefs of the people it affects, so why should they be allowed to say “OMG” which offends Christians?

I’m simply asking that Jagex add the abbreviation and the statement itself, of “OMG”, along with GD, in the censor. I’m also asking that the guilty parties in religious/faith-based discussions be the ones who are warned, instead of the ones merely defending their faith.

Finally, again, this isn’t a religious or faith-based debate. Everyone has a right to believe what they believe, and I myself will never be swayed on what I believe. This is a debate on how Christians tend to be treated in this game, and how I believe Jagex can help change these issues to allow the Christians to feel a bit less alienated.

God bless you all,

PS – Before someone calls me on the whole “There are fake gods and magic in this game, so why are you playing it?” thing, this is my answer. Playing in a game that has fake gods and fake magic in it is little different than reading about mythology of different cultures. I’m not worshiping the gods in the game’s storyline. Just interacting with the characters. Just like I interact with things in life that can become my gods if I put them first in my life. So please don’t even start debating faith or religion. This is a legitimate concern I have for the Christians in this game, I don’t want it locked just because people wanted to make a big deal out of turning it into a debate. Thank you.

PPS – If you’d like to chat with me about this, feel free to PM me in-game. I don’t want debates, but I love talking about my faith to all who will listen.

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The Recent Years of Success for Jagex (Timeline)

Note: Sorry for the really long length of this post.

2008 – RuneScape HD released. FunOrb released. Jagex Store revamped. First RuneScape novel, Betrayal at Falador, released. Listed, for the second year in a row, on the Sunday Times 100 Best Companies list. Listed as “Industry Excellence Awards Finalist 2008” by Develop. Entered in, and maintained the title of ‘Most Popular F2P MMO’ by Guinness World Records. RuneScape France released.

2009 – Armies of Gielinor released. Mark Gerhard becomes CEO. RuneScape membership cards made available for the first time. First RuneScape machinima contest. RuneTek 5 released. First Jagex Golden Joystick award achieved. Several updates to the Jagex Store, with new items. RuneScape Classic reopened for the first time ever.

2010 – Second RuneScape Machinima Contest. “Big Ticket 2010” allows a select amount of players to have a completely paid trip to visit Jagex’s HQ. First Bonus XP Weekend in RuneScape. First RuneFest ever happens in London, massive success for Jagex. The 26th skill, Dungeoneering, is released. Jagex wins the Golden Joystick award the second year in a row. Jagex wins Develop’s “Industry Excellence Awards”. Jagex wins the NORA (National Online Recruitment Award). Jagex achieves two new world records, one for “most prolifically updated video game in history”, and the other for “most time spent in a F2P MMO”.

2011 – RuneScape, and by extension, Jagex’s 10th anniversary. Return to Canifis, the second RS novel, released. Free trade and PvP Wilderness return for the first time since 2007. Both the Clan Camp and Clan Citadel updates allow better clan interaction in the game. The Members’ Loyalty Programme is released. Refer-a-Friend Programme introduced. Jagex shows the world a piece of the “Jagex Fury” with ClusterFlutterer, their first anti-bot initiative since the return of FT/PvP Wilderness. The second RuneFest is held in London, an even bigger success than the first RuneFest. Jagex obtains the IP of a new browser game, Planetarion. Jagex is awarded the “Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation”, along with’s “Best Company – One to watch” award for the third year in a row. Jagex obtains tinyGIANT Games in Carlsbad, California.

2012 – Jagex’s most successful year to date, with over £50 million in turnover, tens of millions of new players, 150 new employees and doubling of the RS team, the Evolution of Combat, the Squeal of Fortune, Solomon’s General Store, the game hits 200 million accounts since launch. RuneScape became the first and only video game so far to celebrate a monarch’s Diamond Jubilee in-game. BotWatch, Jagex’s strongest anti-bot initiative, comes with Botany Bay. 2012 was the first year where Jagex started running live streams with Jagex staff. This was the first year that Jagex began reworking old quests. Jagex reaches 1 million likes on its official Facebook page. 2012 also saw the release of Carnage Racing (their first social media game), and Ace of Spades (their first non-browser game). Release of the third RuneScape novel, Legacy of Blood. Jagex moves from their three UK offices, to one very large HQ office in Cambridge Science Park, and opens their very first non-UK studio in California, with ex-Rockstar developers staffing it; they developed Carnage Racing. Jagex starts working with TIGA to provide a platform for independent games developers to get out into the market easier.

2013 – The most important quest to date in RuneScape comes with the grandmaster quest, The World Wakes. Return of 2007-era servers by community vote with Old School RuneScape. Officially tops World of Warcraft (the previous king) in active player count. First official press release event at Peckforton Castle to reveal RuneScape 3 to the world. Tops 2012 by the end of summer, with the release of RuneScape 3. Jagex ventures out to become the first developer to launch a full-scale MMO on tablets and smart TVs, set to innovate mobile gaming. Later in the year comes additional cities in RuneScape, two new skills in RuneScape (one of them being known to be Divination), the third RuneFest, along with Transformers Universe, and several undisclosed titles as told by Mark Gerhard. (One of the rumoured names, based upon domain registrations by Jagex, is ‘Space Punk’) Possible release of ‘Assembly Corp’, their Steam-like service reportedly in development based upon recent trademark applications, and officially-registered domains bearing the name. Jagex partners with Brazil’s largest ISP to bring RuneScape to the masses in Brazil.

2014 – Tops 2013 possibly, by the complete reboot of FunOrb with new games, updates to the old ones, full community support, a new site, new HTML5 games, and further venturing into mobile gaming. Additional graphic reworks in RuneScape such as reworking old game models and textures, new foliage and trees, possible expansion of the game world and cities, loads of unknown content to RS, and possibly the resuming of development of Stellar Dawn. Possible new titles outside of FunOrb.

2015 – If development for Stellar Dawn doesn’t resume in 2014, it is set to resume in 2015. Beyond that, is anyone’s guess for that year, though at the rate Jagex is getting bigger and more successful, it’s quite possible that every year could just become bigger and better for Jagex. Almost a certainty of more individual titles.

2020 – Jagex sits on the throne, as the most successful independent game company in the world, with nearing 100 games in their portfolio. Steam is successfully dethroned by Assembly Corp as the main digital distribution software. World of Warcraft shuts down/loses more players and RuneScape takes the crown. Major gaming portals lose out to FunOrb, which becomes the number one online games destination.

Okay, so the 2020 thing may be a bit of wishful thinking, but think about it – while other gaming companies such as Activision-Blizzard with WoW, Zynga, and EA who are all laying off employees and closing down projects and services left and right, Jagex hasn’t been affected by any MAJOR layoffs (excluding the small layoff that happened after 8Realms closed), and their profits and playerbase just keep getting larger.

While some of the things I listed above could just be rumours (though I doubt it, there’s reasonable source info around the net to support most of it), Jagex’s future is INCREDIBLY bright for the next 10 years, likely more. Jagex, that tiny little indie development studio developing a semi-amateur MMO (back in the early days) with only around 10 employees and one game in their catalog has expanded SO much that it’s borderline phenomenal. 550 employees, three offices, a partnership with a massive ISP in Brazil, a new software to dethrone Steam (I hate Steam, so it’s a welcome thought that Jagex could potentially knock it out of the picture), two new MMOs, a FPS, a large casual gaming site, a massive playerbase larger than almost every other online playerbase, and so many more potential updates we may not know of yet. Think about it – Jagex could possibly reach the success of massive games companies like Ubisoft or Activision. For real. It’s within reach. Jagex’s timing is excellent. Now they must play their cards right, and everything will play out in their favour.

For most players, this may be an “Oh, that’s nice” moment. But for a guy whose dream and passion is to work at Jagex, and who has followed both the company and RuneScape for so long, it makes me ecstatic. The little startup is rapidly growing into a massive entertainment empire. There’s three things I’m REALLY looking forward to in life, in reverse order (from least to the most): 3) All of this to come to pass and for Jagex to grow larger and larger, 2) For me to join Jagex in a couple of years, and 1) For my Lord’s return.

All of this news is like a massive slap in the face to the whiners, haters, and doubters who keep claiming Jagex has only a year or two ahead of them, and that they’re going downhill. I’m actually literally chuckling at that fact a bit right now. 😛

WOOHOO!!! Life is GOOD! 😉


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November 20, 2012 Leave a comment

No. No you don’t. You pay, but you don’t own a single thing in the game, so you do not say. What’s that? You’re threatening to quit? Go ahead. We could use a community free of whiners.

Okay, so now that this little rant is off of the top of my head, I want to post a relatively short post here, in light of the EoC’s release tomorrow.

Even if I WERE to accept the “We pay, we say” load of crap, I don’t see how it helps the whiners in any way. By saying “We pay, we say”, they’re merely admitting to supporting the Evolution of Combat, because the majority of the community wants and supports the EoC. They then spout conspiracy theories and lies all over, corrupting minds of others. In example, “The poll was rigged”. When you say that it’s not, they say “Look at the forums”. Then, I respond with “Yeah, I have. And the forums represent a VERY small portion of the community.”

What is wrong with these people? Can’t they quit whining just for ONE second and stop to smell the roses of the updates Jagex is creating? I credit it all to the freaks who sit there and lie about Jagex. The newer, or less informed players buy into these lies (because the ones who uphold the truth about Jagex rarely speak up – that’s why I speak up where others won’t), and now we have a crappy community.

*Sigh* I hope most of the whiners quit. We could do without them. Here’s a bit of my own whining: I want the old community back. :\

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“You condemn what you do not understand!”

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Why do players insist on trashing Jagex’s updates/new ideas/games before they’ve even tried them? Here’s why: we have a bunch of immature children in our community who think they know it all and that they deserve to dictate every move that Jagex makes.

A prime example, no pun intended, is with Transformers Universe. Reading general comments on multiple sites, people say things like “Its graphics are terrible!”, “If Jagex makes it, it will be terrible.”, “Browser-based? Really?”, “This game is going to fail”, “This game is crap”, etc. First of all, the graphics of TFU are not bad at all (see these screenshots:, especially for an MMO. The people who call these graphics horrible are the same trolls who say that WoW’s graphics are better than RS (when we all know this isn’t true in the least). Secondly, where in the world do they think they have the right to trash this game without even giving it a chance? The same thing is happening with the Evolution of Combat in RS.

The trolls heard of the update, started spewing filth and lies, players bought into their accusations, and now a lot of people are going into the beta with a bad attitude with no option of changing their attitudes. Therefore, of course people are going to hate on Jagex. It’s because they don’t understand anything but their own selfishness.

Jagex works really, REALLY hard on all of their projects. RS is a terrific example of their quest for excellence. They settle for nothing less than the best, and those who bash them and accuse them of falsities need to rethink how they’ve acted.

As I’ve said before, Jagex isn’t a “sellout” company. In fact, the investors (Insight Venture Partners, Spectrum Equity, and Raine Group) have little to do with the general operation of Jagex. Mark Gerhard confirmed in one of the live streams that the teams that work on SoF/SGS are remarkably small, and that the investors did not suggest nor interfere with those updates.

And considering the fact that the funds used from SoF/SGS are going right back into the game to keep at as the #1 MMO in the world, I’m more than happy to continue to pay for membership and spins/Runecoins. YOU may not want the game to succeed and be better, but I most certainly do.

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October 15, 2012 2 comments

A remarkable story… a continuing struggle against a disease that has stricken Ricky – as well as the trials he’s gone through… his faith is strong and he has the best ally he can have – Almighty God. 🙂

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Solomon’s General Store – is it RWTing?

When I logged on today to see this update – Solomon’s General Store, I was a little scared that Jagex might have just gone off the deep end. I had seen a teaser picture of Solomon on Facebook, and I just expected it might be like a graphic re-do of the genie. So to answer the question of this post: no. Solomon’s General Store is not real-world trading. Why isn’t it? Let’s take a look.

First off, what’s the definition of real-world trading? The exchange of real-life money or services for in-game money or services – or vice-versa – between a player and a third party not affiliated with Jagex.

That means that Jagex is exempt from real-world trading, even if they WERE hosting it. However, this update is purely cosmetic. You don’t get any kind of XP, money, or advantage over other players. If Jagex were to put XP lamps or non-cosmetic items that you can purchase with real-life money, then it would be RWTing – but for now, it’s not.

EVen if it WERE RWTing, it’s still better than World of Warcrap where you basically HAVE to purchase stuff with real-life money if you want anything good, as well as to edit your display name, you have to purchase it with real-life money; all of that is added to the starting costs (with all expansion packs so you can be up-to-date) of $80 just to play for a month – whereas from there on, it’s $15 a month. And if you don’t pay, you don’t play – there IS no free version other than a tiny demo.

Also, another one of Blizzard’s games that is a direct and total abomination in RWTing is Diablo III. They have a store where you can exchange in-game items and money for real life money, where Blizzard takes a cut.

If anyone is greedy and egotistical – it’s Blizzard, not Jagex.

So thus, the new update is not RWTing. If you don’t like it, there’s plenty of spaces in the smaller, lower-quality MMOs such as World of Warcrap, Forsaken World, League of Legends, etc. You’d be back in a week, because you’d realise that Jagex is NOT so bad after all. (I have nothing against Forsaken World as I have played it before, and I’ve never played LoL, but I’ve seen gameplay – it doesn’t look BAD per-se, but it seems very overrated, just like WoWcrap. I will NEVER play any Blizzard game, ever.)

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Subject change – what cookies do you like?

Is it just me, or does it get EXTREMELY annoying how you’ll try to discuss things civilly, both in-game and on the forums, and you get shooed by a CC/FC rank, p-mod, or f-mod and they try to change the subject? It gets really annoying, especially considering they’ll often change the subject to stupid stuff such as what kind of cookie flavours we like, or similar irrelevant crap.

It’s also extremely hypocritical in my opinion. One minute, they encourage free, civil discussion within the rules. Then the next minute, they’re telling you NOT to have those discussions.

I guess it’s just one of those things. 😛

So what do you all say? What cookies do you like?


EDIT: I’ve spoken to the rank whom I had issues with, and we’re both at a truce now. It turns out it was mostly a combination of misunderstanding and a bad period of life on my part.

For all situations like this…

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