I still actively play RS but not quite as much as I used to and I no longer blog about the game. As such, this page is extremely outdated; if you’d like to know my more recent ventures in RS or other games, please feel free to PM me whenever I’m online! (Yes, same display name: Jaekob Caed)

I am a 10-year RuneScape veteran, MMO enthusiast, gamer, game developer, and so forth. I love RuneScape and Jagex despite my recent irritations with them, and I also play a variety of other MMOs including EverQuest 2, LOTRO, Rift, The Old Republic, and Drakensang Online.


Please, if you create a RuneScape account, sign up through this link. It gets you and I both rewards, and if you purchase a month of membership, I also get an additional month of membership credit: https://secure.runescape.com/m=friend-referral/?ref=wHu1NUJXG4e40g87q4tqjQ

I started playing RuneScape one year when I was homeschooling, due to boredom, and I had heard of RS before. I decided to try it, and I immediately became impressed/addicted. Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of stupid, rude, immature, and flat-out odd things occur, but I’ve also met plenty of good people on the game.

I have been part of little player-based groups in-game, such as:

  • The RuneScape Help Chat (my very own RS friends chat that aims to help people with any and everything on the game for nothing in return – it, so far, has not been very successful. See the QFC for the chat’s forum thread here: 201-202-304-63123275)
  • Mod Poppy’s Pink Patrons of Pain (PPoP) back when it was first established
  • Mod Sabre and Mod Daezhun’s The Rookery chat (now closed since both have left Jagex),
  • Mod Fuzzlet’s “Bug Hunters” chat (currently my active chat)

I leave my private chat on, unless I’m trying to remain relatively invisible. So you can usually contact me whenever I’m actually in-game. I can always use some friendly chat. 🙂


My active threads:

  • Mr Gerhard : 181-182-917-62554130

  • RuneScape Help Chat : 201-202-304-63123275

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