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My concerns about the way Christians are treated in RS

Since a bunch of players decided, typically, to derail my thread with attacks on my faith and attempts to draw me away from it, I’ll post its contents here on my blog. Keep in mind, this is entirely unedited from the original thread’s contents.

So everyone is clear, I’m not creating this thread to debate faith, religion, or politics. I’m creating this thread to address some concerns I’ve recently had about the community aspect of this game pertaining to the way many players, and even some moderators, sometimes seem to gang together to effectively keep Christians from even mentioning blessings like “God bless”, yet others are allowed to say offensive things like OMG or GD without warning. If this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it to the appropriate board. But mods, please do not lock it – I feel it’s an important message that Jagex needs to see.


With, what I’ve noticed to be, an increase of Christian RS players in this game, I feel it’s an appropriate time to address some concerns I have regarding the way ‘religious discussions’ are handled in this community.

So I acknowledge I won’t be able to stop people from ridiculing me for my real-life faith. However, I really feel that Christians are kind of treated like sub-humans at times here. I totally understand why faith or religion-based discussions are barred, and I don’t have a problem with that. What I DO have a problem with is how players can get away with offensive statements like “OMG”, G.D., and the like, yet I’ve been warned for merely mentioning God, such as “God bless”, or “God willing”. This has happened both on the forums and in-game.

I’m not trying to push my faith down anyone’s throats. I’m just merely trying to live as a Christian should – loving others and encouraging them, and leading by example, I may be able to win some people for Christ. (This is done in-game, considering the forum code of conduct) That being said, if a person doesn’t accept what I’m saying, I don’t keep pushing the matter.

However, if a person is being offensive to my beliefs, and the mods aren’t going to do anything about it, what else am I going to do? Sit and take it? Why should I have to?

Now, please know I’m not trying to be defiant. What I’m saying is that I’ve seen discussions break out based upon other faiths/religions, politics, or ****** orientation where the mods stop the discussion (which I, again, don’t have a problem with), and they will warn the person who instigated the discussion. But that doesn’t seem to be the case whenever I see someone attacking my faith or being offensive towards it, and I decide to say something about it. I often-times simply ask them to stop, but they tend to say, “Just ignore me if you don’t like it”, or they’ll get WORSE with their attacks.

I know what you’re saying right now: go to the mods about it (on the forums) or report & ignore (in-game). That’s not a problem. But there have been times where I’ve asked the person to stop, AND gone to authority about it, and nothing was done. If they can state their opinions, why shouldn’t I, and everyone else, be allowed to do so as well? If you want to pull a “we hide discussions like this to be fair and to prevent people from getting hurt” stance, that’s fine – but why isn’t it followed through? Statements such as “OMG” and GD can be just as offensive to Christians (especially the ones who are very serious about their faith) as being flat-out told that we’re worthless.

I’ll even admit I have a hard time not stating my views when people post offensive or anti-Christian posts on the forums or comments in-game, so part of my problem is on my end. It’s just that I’m so serious about my faith that I work on integrating it into every aspect of my life – including this game. I see the game itself as an excellent outreach opportunity, as I’ve encountered countless hurting people in it. But it’s hard to stay focused when statements like OMG and GD are allowed (despite the censor picking up GD, if people evade the censor on that term, they don’t seem to be warned about it), which offend me and many Christians.

So all of that being said, this thread is not about me calling for users to be banned, for mods to get in trouble, or for Jagex to necessarily change all of their rules up. What I’m asking for is less ridicule towards Christians. I mean, you never hear people saying, “Oh my Allah”, or “Oh my Buddha”, or “Oh my Evolution”, and I’m sure that if they did, it could offend the faiths and beliefs of the people it affects, so why should they be allowed to say “OMG” which offends Christians?

I’m simply asking that Jagex add the abbreviation and the statement itself, of “OMG”, along with GD, in the censor. I’m also asking that the guilty parties in religious/faith-based discussions be the ones who are warned, instead of the ones merely defending their faith.

Finally, again, this isn’t a religious or faith-based debate. Everyone has a right to believe what they believe, and I myself will never be swayed on what I believe. This is a debate on how Christians tend to be treated in this game, and how I believe Jagex can help change these issues to allow the Christians to feel a bit less alienated.

God bless you all,

PS – Before someone calls me on the whole “There are fake gods and magic in this game, so why are you playing it?” thing, this is my answer. Playing in a game that has fake gods and fake magic in it is little different than reading about mythology of different cultures. I’m not worshiping the gods in the game’s storyline. Just interacting with the characters. Just like I interact with things in life that can become my gods if I put them first in my life. So please don’t even start debating faith or religion. This is a legitimate concern I have for the Christians in this game, I don’t want it locked just because people wanted to make a big deal out of turning it into a debate. Thank you.

PPS – If you’d like to chat with me about this, feel free to PM me in-game. I don’t want debates, but I love talking about my faith to all who will listen.

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