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November 20, 2012 Leave a comment

No. No you don’t. You pay, but you don’t own a single thing in the game, so you do not say. What’s that? You’re threatening to quit? Go ahead. We could use a community free of whiners.

Okay, so now that this little rant is off of the top of my head, I want to post a relatively short post here, in light of the EoC’s release tomorrow.

Even if I WERE to accept the “We pay, we say” load of crap, I don’t see how it helps the whiners in any way. By saying “We pay, we say”, they’re merely admitting to supporting the Evolution of Combat, because the majority of the community wants and supports the EoC. They then spout conspiracy theories and lies all over, corrupting minds of others. In example, “The poll was rigged”. When you say that it’s not, they say “Look at the forums”. Then, I respond with “Yeah, I have. And the forums represent a VERY small portion of the community.”

What is wrong with these people? Can’t they quit whining just for ONE second and stop to smell the roses of the updates Jagex is creating? I credit it all to the freaks who sit there and lie about Jagex. The newer, or less informed players buy into these lies (because the ones who uphold the truth about Jagex rarely speak up – that’s why I speak up where others won’t), and now we have a crappy community.

*Sigh* I hope most of the whiners quit. We could do without them. Here’s a bit of my own whining: I want the old community back. :\

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