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“You condemn what you do not understand!”

Why do players insist on trashing Jagex’s updates/new ideas/games before they’ve even tried them? Here’s why: we have a bunch of immature children in our community who think they know it all and that they deserve to dictate every move that Jagex makes.

A prime example, no pun intended, is with Transformers Universe. Reading general comments on multiple sites, people say things like “Its graphics are terrible!”, “If Jagex makes it, it will be terrible.”, “Browser-based? Really?”, “This game is going to fail”, “This game is crap”, etc. First of all, the graphics of TFU are not bad at all (see these screenshots: http://www.gamespot.com/transformers-universe/images/1775997/), especially for an MMO. The people who call these graphics horrible are the same trolls who say that WoW’s graphics are better than RS (when we all know this isn’t true in the least). Secondly, where in the world do they think they have the right to trash this game without even giving it a chance? The same thing is happening with the Evolution of Combat in RS.

The trolls heard of the update, started spewing filth and lies, players bought into their accusations, and now a lot of people are going into the beta with a bad attitude with no option of changing their attitudes. Therefore, of course people are going to hate on Jagex. It’s because they don’t understand anything but their own selfishness.

Jagex works really, REALLY hard on all of their projects. RS is a terrific example of their quest for excellence. They settle for nothing less than the best, and those who bash them and accuse them of falsities need to rethink how they’ve acted.

As I’ve said before, Jagex isn’t a “sellout” company. In fact, the investors (Insight Venture Partners, Spectrum Equity, and Raine Group) have little to do with the general operation of Jagex. Mark Gerhard confirmed in one of the live streams that the teams that work on SoF/SGS are remarkably small, and that the investors did not suggest nor interfere with those updates.

And considering the fact that the funds used from SoF/SGS are going right back into the game to keep at as the #1 MMO in the world, I’m more than happy to continue to pay for membership and spins/Runecoins. YOU may not want the game to succeed and be better, but I most certainly do.

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