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Solomon’s General Store – is it RWTing?

When I logged on today to see this update – Solomon’s General Store, I was a little scared that Jagex might have just gone off the deep end. I had seen a teaser picture of Solomon on Facebook, and I just expected it might be like a graphic re-do of the genie. So to answer the question of this post: no. Solomon’s General Store is not real-world trading. Why isn’t it? Let’s take a look.

First off, what’s the definition of real-world trading? The exchange of real-life money or services for in-game money or services – or vice-versa – between a player and a third party not affiliated with Jagex.

That means that Jagex is exempt from real-world trading, even if they WERE hosting it. However, this update is purely cosmetic. You don’t get any kind of XP, money, or advantage over other players. If Jagex were to put XP lamps or non-cosmetic items that you can purchase with real-life money, then it would be RWTing – but for now, it’s not.

EVen if it WERE RWTing, it’s still better than World of Warcrap where you basically HAVE to purchase stuff with real-life money if you want anything good, as well as to edit your display name, you have to purchase it with real-life money; all of that is added to the starting costs (with all expansion packs so you can be up-to-date) of $80 just to play for a month – whereas from there on, it’s $15 a month. And if you don’t pay, you don’t play – there IS no free version other than a tiny demo.

Also, another one of Blizzard’s games that is a direct and total abomination in RWTing is Diablo III. They have a store where you can exchange in-game items and money for real life money, where Blizzard takes a cut.

If anyone is greedy and egotistical – it’s Blizzard, not Jagex.

So thus, the new update is not RWTing. If you don’t like it, there’s plenty of spaces in the smaller, lower-quality MMOs such as World of Warcrap, Forsaken World, League of Legends, etc. You’d be back in a week, because you’d realise that Jagex is NOT so bad after all. (I have nothing against Forsaken World as I have played it before, and I’ve never played LoL, but I’ve seen gameplay – it doesn’t look BAD per-se, but it seems very overrated, just like WoWcrap. I will NEVER play any Blizzard game, ever.)

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