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Subject change – what cookies do you like?

Is it just me, or does it get EXTREMELY annoying how you’ll try to discuss things civilly, both in-game and on the forums, and you get shooed by a CC/FC rank, p-mod, or f-mod and they try to change the subject? It gets really annoying, especially considering they’ll often change the subject to stupid stuff such as what kind of cookie flavours we like, or similar irrelevant crap.

It’s also extremely hypocritical in my opinion. One minute, they encourage free, civil discussion within the rules. Then the next minute, they’re telling you NOT to have those discussions.

I guess it’s just one of those things. ūüėõ

So what do you all say? What cookies do you like?


EDIT: I’ve spoken to the rank whom I had issues with, and we’re both at a truce now. It turns out it was mostly a combination of misunderstanding and a bad period of life on my part.

For all situations like this…

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My view on combat pures

With the new, upcoming combat update “ruining” combat pures, I’ve decided I’ll tell my views on them. I know I’ll likely receive inferno and brimstone from people for my view on them, ¬†but I honestly couldn’t give a rat’s rear-end about what people say about me, for merely expressing my views on something. If you don’t like my views, don’t follow my blog.


First off, I will flat-out state that I place combat pures up-to-par with the nuisance and threat of bots, scammers, and lurers. I don’t mind skilling pures who do it just for a challenge, but the combat pures who level their strength up just to use their cheap deceit to trick other¬†legitimate¬†PKers into thinking they’d be less of a threat, thus potentially scamming the legitimate PKers out of their hard-earned money and items. That’s just morally wrong.


I’ve never had, nor will I likely ever have any kind of pure – skilling nor combat. I personally find them a waste of time. So yeah, sure, you could potentially say “Well, you’ve never had a pure so you don’t know what it’s like!”. I say, in response to that, “Why would I want¬†to know what it’s like?” If someone could please enlighten me on why so many players want pures, please do so, because I really don’t see why anyone¬†would want one.


So yes, I’m (as usual) very supportive over the upcoming combat system update, and I totally agree with what they’re doing to the system. Yep, this post was a bit shorter than most of mine, but I think I made my point. Any questions or comments about this post? Feel free to post them; if you act civil, I will try to answer.

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