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Jagex + Investors does not = evil

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Jagex has three investment firms backing them financially. The list is as follows

  • Insight Ventures Partners – these guys have given the largest investment to Jagex, and they’re also the financial backing behind Twitter.
  • The Raine Group, LLC – these people are more like advisers than investors.
  • Spectrum Equity – These people have invested almost as much as Insight, in order to help out.

Now, plenty of people are saying that the investors are only interested in money, that they control Jagex completely, that they’re causing all of these so-called “RWT and other terrible updates” because they only want money. Well, take a look at this article – here.

Jagex isn’t dictated by these investment firms. Yes, maybe they have portions in the board of directors at Jagex. But like Mark Gerhard said, they act like partners, who can take the power if necessary, but they prefer to leave it in the hands of the people who have been doing it for a long time.

That being said, the investors aren’t evil. Whoever thinks that the investors and/or Jagex has something in their mind that makes them WANT to believe they’re evil. The investors are helping Jagex keep all of their games running, and to hire on plenty of new and talented team members.

Without these investors, Jagex might be dead by now, along with RuneScape and all of its players. But that’s not happening any time soon. And get this, RuneFest fans – without those investors, RuneFest never would have happened. No one seems to understand – these investment firms are merely the financial backing and advisory for Jagex. Jagex’s ownership is still “staunchly British”. He’s even stated plenty of other firms have contacted him, offering even a higher investment, but they’d need to move out of the UK to somewhere in the US. He said that Jagex isn’t willing to do that. That proves – Jagex isn’t in it only for money, but for player experience, and for the pride that comes with the title of the UK’s (and one of Europe’s)  largest indy studios.

So if you still believe the investors are evil after this, then you’ll never be convinced.

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FunOrb, Stellar Dawn, and other Jagex games

April 23, 2012 Leave a comment

In this post, I’m going to attempt to discuss my views on FunOrb, Stellar Dawn, and all other Jagex games besides RuneScape.

First and foremost… I’ve heard countless people spreading a massive lie about Stellar Dawn. A lot of people say that Jagex canceled Stellar Dawn for good. Well, I don’t know if you’re taking Stellar Dawn Central’s word for it (which happens to be a fansite, so it’s not official), but if you read the post by Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex, he states that Stellar Dawn has been paused temporarily, for at least the year of 2012, in order for them to be able to speed up progress on Transformers Universe, 8Realms, and so they can dedicate their full strength to RuneScape, to make sure the bots and other issues are taken care of for good. That does NOT mean that they’re giving up. If they were scrapping the project for good, they’d not only tell us about it, but they’d also be removing the SD site and forum. They’ve not done any of that, so Stellar Dawn is not going to be scrapped for good.

Onto the subject of FunOrb… I recently made the minimum achievement limit to access the forums, and I saw nothing but a bunch of depressed, hopeless individuals. They believe that Jagex has completely abandoned FunOrb, and they don’t think they’ll ever update it again. Their argument points are as follows:

  1. FunOrb was made as a temporary money-maker to compensate for the removal of FT/Wilderness, and was never meant to be permanent.
  2. Jagex realized that FunOrb wasn’t as “profitable” as they thought it would
  3. Jagex fired all of their developers for FunOrb, or moved them permanently to other projects
  4. Jagex will never update FunOrb again.

All I can say, in response to all of that is – you people are being ignorant, or you WANT Jagex to close down FunOrb. My counter-arguments are:

  1. Baloney. If that were the case, they would have introduced micro-transactions/required players to pay for more of RuneScape and making the F2P game even MORE like a demo. That’s not the case, though. The removal of FT/Wilderness was in the best interest of the game and its players; the same goes for FunOrb – Jagex wanted to expand their catalog. They didn’t want to be known ONLY for RuneScape. So they created FunOrb.
  2. Once again, baloney. FunOrb is actually rather profitable. Besides, Jagex puts the players first, money second. And why would they shut it down if it’s still making money?
  3. A lot of the former developers for FunOrb were either industrial placement students, contracted developers, or full-time developers. The full-time developers have been moved to the other projects temporarily to help speed up the processes.
  4. More baloney. (Mmm, I’m getting hungry) Jagex just recently finished an office consolidation move of the old Jagex HQ and the old FunOrb developers to a new Cambridge HQ, over twice as large as the old HQ, plus it’s three stories instead of the former two stories. This office consolidation was in the works for several years, and would be an explaining factor in the lack of updates. In 2013, expect to see updates, because TFU, 8Realms, and Optimus will all be finished. After all, Jagex only has 450-500 employees, spread across a handful of mass projects! 😉

On 8Realms. A lot of people say it’s dumb. I think it’s a brilliant game, though I unfortunately don’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to a game of its style, which is a race through the 8 ages of time. It, without a doubt, is still a good game. Jagex put a lot of work into it, and it sure does kick FarmVille in the pants in nearly everything. Some players say things like “Jamflex is givin there thyme 2 annuther game, rs gonna dieeeee!!!” (See what I did there? I made it sound like it came from an immature play.. oh, nevermind, you don’t care about my jokes.) Just because Jagex creates other games than RuneScape (like any other game studio), it doesn’t mean they’re neglecting RuneScape. They have separate teams for each game they create, that way they can keep ALL of their games up-to-date.

Some idiots players are saying that Transformers Universe was “yet another sellout by Jagex”, and that the investors told them they had to do it because it would bring more players to Jagex games, and therefore more money. (A post about the investors behind Jagex is coming soon) Do you guys honestly think this, or are you being trolls? If you believe all of this, I think you may need psychiatric care. (Now, don’t take my word for it, I’m not a doctor) Jagex has even stated that they believe it’s an honour to be a part of one of the world’s larger entertainment franchises, and to create the very first Transformers MMO. This was not a sellout decision. They did it to not only expand their catalog and get their name out there, but also to give their players (including myself, and you) another game to sit down, play, and say “Yet another great job Jagex.” If this were a sellout project, you’d be seeing ads all over the RS, Jagex, 8Realms, FunOrb, and Stellar Dawn websites. But you don’t. It’s clearly not a sellout. And though I was only slightly into the Transformers series when I was a little kid, I’m still really looking forward to this game, both from a player aspect, and a developer aspect.

Herotopia is an educational game that Jagex published for kids. Some players say this was yet again, another sellout and waste of time. Have you no ounce of decency or sanity? Jagex published this game, clearly to give kids a fun, yet educational form of entertainment. It’s a very commendable act, and they deserve the utmost respect for publishing it. Not many game studios that have such high successes and macho epic games like RuneScape would consider publishing something like Herotopia, for children. Now, I’ve never personally played Herotopia, as I’m not a child, but I’ve heard it was a brilliant game. So cut Jagex some slack.

Well, I suppose I’m finished with my little ramblings for now. Have a good day, and God bless.


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Why I support the SoF

April 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi everyone,

I realize that it has taken  me MUCH longer than it should have to create this blog post, but I’ve been busy dealing with trolls, finishing up my schoolwork, working for several organizations, etc. 😛

My goal in this post is to tell you not only WHY I support the Squeal of Fortune and its recent updates, but also to try to show you that this isn’t real-world trading, nor is it breaking Jagex’s rules, nor are Jagex closing, nor are they a money-mongering business like so many think.

Now, I realize this is a rather touchy subject among a LOT of players. And at first I was a little disillusioned with the idea as well, but I knew that Jagex had good intentions behind it, rather than the shady and greedy plots that, what I’m calling the RuneScape conspiracy freaks, are claiming that Jagex has.

First of all, I support this update, because it gives average Joe’s and new players the opportunity to win something cool. If you’re like me, you have a rough time finding ways to make money. This update gives me the occasional 10k, which believe it or not, helps quite a bit. I’ve never won anything over 10k.

And this isn’t an unfair thing. A lot of players have this mad notion that this update allows people who have money in real life to buy their way to 99 in everything or get max cash in a short period. Absolute madness, is what those comments are. First off, the SoF is a game of chance, meaning that you won’t necessarily EVER get anything of value from it. There’s no skill involved – it’s entirely based off of a random choice by the system. That makes it completely fair for everyone. And in the long run, everyone wins at it.

On to the subject of this update being “real-world trading” (or RWT as you’ve probably seen it around the forums or in-game). First, I have to give the definition of RWT.

Real-world trading is the exchange by a third party, of real-life items or money for in-game items or money, or vice-versa. That means Jagex doesn’t apply. Besides, buying SoF tickets doesn’t guarantee you ANYTHING. So that rules out RWTing. Even if it WERE RWT, RuneScape is Jagex’s game, and they’ll do what they believe is best. I’ll quote my role-model in business,  Mr Mark Gerhard, the CEO of Jagex – “Listen to the trolls, but go with your gut.” That summarizes it. Jagex listens to the players, trust me. However, that doesn’t mean they’re going to take everything into effect. Often, the people who complain truly have no idea how a business should be run, and that’s why Jagex doesn’t always cater to them.

Now, I’ve actually seen some people with radically wild ideas that they think that Jagex is just trying to milk just enough money out of their customers to pay their employees’ last paychecks – in other words, they think that Jagex is secretly closing down and is doing this for a last little bit of money. I’ve never heard such a stupid idea in all of my time of RS. 😛 I can guarantee to you – as long as their products still have players and as long as Insight, Raine, and Spectrum have Jagex’s back financially, Jagex will NOT close, nor will their products.

On the subject of everyone thinking Jagex is a selfish and money-mongering company. (Well, not everybody, but a majority think this way) I have personally, first-hand, experienced how cool, kind, and classy Jagex is. If you’d actually get to KNOW them, you’d see that they’re very awesome people, the kind of people you’d like to work with. (Like me 😀 ) So you can continue to act like a child and think that way, or you can actually get to know them before throwing rotten tomatoes at them while they stand in the pillories that you make with your ridiculous complaints.

So, all of that being said, I’m finished with my blogging for tonight. Take care everyone, and God bless.


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