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Loyalty + Lodestones = Epicness

March 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Well, Jagex has once again created an awesome update. 🙂

I really can’t say much about the update, other than it’s pretty awesome. I plan on buying either the Divine Gaze aura, or the Blazing Gaze aura. I have been waiting for an update like this for ages, and it’s finally here. 🙂

Of course, I log in and I see everyone being punko about it, and it’s rather irritating. After all that Jagex has done for them, it’s still never enough. Oh, how I miss the days when the community was mature. 😛 “Too easy now” my foot. If you don’t like the updates, go play another MMO for a few weeks, THEN tell me RS is too easy. 😛

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Back again

March 11, 2012 Leave a comment

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts on my previous blog at I lost the password, and for some reason, the recovery system wouldn’t let me recover it. So instead of more hassle, I decided to just create a new blog with a similar theme to the previous one.

I also now have a RuneScape Facebook page which I’ll likely post more on than this blog. 🙂

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